Houston, we have lift off!

As some of you may have noticed we have finally launched our completely redeveloped back end system to provide easier ways of backing up your site and content.  We are excited that this new version has finally been launched and we will continue to add features.  While a couple features are not fully working yet, we continue each day to bring you something better to your backup experience.  Our next large update will be the use of the backup file manager.  This file manager will allow you to view your backup files on the remote server and review them.  Some of these features will include:

  • View backup files on all of your backup profiles
  • Remove backup files on all of your backup profiles
  • Allow you to set expiration days on your files so that you do not fill up an account with un-needed backups

We look forward to implementing these features soon as well as many more small features.  Thank you for your continued support and patience.

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Sneak Peek at our upcoming changes!

As promised, here is a sneak peak of our upcoming changes while we completely redesign our admin back end. We look forward to releasing this early next year with the hopes of late December of 2012.  Just a few of the new features that are coming are listed below:

  • Completely redesigned back end
  • Security improvements
  • Better notifications
  • Better error handling
  • Bug submissions
  • Support FAQ
  • More to come..

Introducing our latest feature, the backup profile wizard.  This wizard allows you to easily create backup profiles based on the settings you choose.  It is much easier along with actual connection testing before the backup profile is created.  Once completed you are then welcome to generate a backup with the click of a button.  You will then resume normal backups based on your settings.

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New design on its way

We recently started working on a completely new look for Free Auto Backup to bring a more user friendly interface with more features and options.  The same great features will still be available however I am looking to completely revamp the manager.

I’ll report back again with more information as soon as it’s available including sneak peaks, new features, etc..

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Feature Update: Backup Manager

In the latest update we bring you a working backup manager. You can now view all of your existing backups and easily remove them if unneeded from your panel. If you find any bugs or need assistance let us know by emailing support@freeautobackup.com!

!!!This feature has been disabled at this time for further adjustments and bug fixes!!!

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Official Beta Launch

Free Auto Backup is officially launching its beta to the public!

Please signup for your free account to get started! If you find any sort of bugs or mistakes please report them right away so that we may get them corrected!


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